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A giant conglomeration of everything the world has to offer.

An alternative to the world, or the capitol?

A paradox, a Utopia, a Distopia. Hate, Love. It is not simple. No one can and ever will understand it.

Everything you think about LA is false. No matter who you are.

I will live there forever, because it is where all the questions are.

Other than that..
It is the second largest urban area in America. located in the southwest corner of the U.S.

Its public transportation system has poor ridership compared to other American cities (NYC, Chicago), it lacks a singular defining center, it has poor air quality when compared to many other american cities, it has poor water supplies for its population, ethnic segregation similar to other American cities, and worst of all.. It has made itself famous through the culture industry and simultaneously propogated the myth of Los Angeles as a unidimensional place when in fact that is the only thing Los Angeles is not.

Hands down, the undisputed most diverse conglomeration of people, cultures, ethnicities, subcultures, interest groups, etc. in the entire world. Beautiful weather and diverse ecology (mountains, beaches, wetlands, forests, deserts) A unique history that dates back to its founding in 1781. Incredibly diverse Architecture and historic sites. Downtown Los Angeles contains the largest contiguous collection of pre-1930s buildings in America. It also has the most Beaux-Arts (late 1800s) office buildings anywhere in the world. The defining world center for modern residential architecture. A rich Art Deco tradition, including numerous world-renowned zig-zag moderne masterpieces. The only city in the world bisected by a mountain range. Has the largest interurban park in America. Its port complex is the second busiest in the world after Amsterdam's. It is the industrial capitol of America, making everything from textiles and toys to Jet Aircraft and sattelites. Has the largest number of government offices outside of Washington D.C. More museums per capita than any American city. The densest metro area in America. Considerably better air quality than 30 years ago. Most public transit in development than any city in America. Rapidly densifying city centers. River being reclaimed from concrete (originally installed to prevent flooding). Affordable housing, parks, infrastructure, education are number one priorities for L.A.'s first hispanic mayor since the 19th century. Art scene rapidly reaching worldwide recognition as most important in America. Literary scene exploding. High rise residential construction at all-time high.

And then, obviously, World-Famous for Entertainment, sports teams, etc. etc.

Great changes are happening in LA. It is equal parts potential and kinetic energy. There is no doubt in my mind that LA is developing into THE global example. (right now it is simply the global condition)
I like LA (tourist T-shirt sold in Los Angeles)
by Dweebo2220 February 27, 2006

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