2 definitions by Dutts

A woman whose vigorous gyrations during the horizontal mambo can be likened to the reloading action of the water-cooled, belt-fed 'L6 Wombat Anti Tank Rifle'.
"Christ almighty," Barked Maltravers. "My old chap is the colour of an Icelandic sunset after tussling with that native gel!"

"Keen on the rumpo, was she?" inquired Wilberforce looking up from his copy of 'the felchers gazette'.

"Keen?!!" spluttered Maltravers. "She went at it like a belt fed wombat!!!"
by Dutts March 1, 2005
ones front-mounted, downstairs tummy banana.
"how's your old chap been since the cat got at it?"
by Dutts March 1, 2005