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A "Zyzz" is a lifestyle stereotype, and slang shorthand derived from the common first name "Aziz" (pronounced "Ziz"), used within some ethnic bodybuilding circles in the West.

Closely associated with an ostentatious, steroid-fueled bodybuilding lifestyle, a typical Zyzz is a young man from an Middle Eastern background who is fixated upon their own physical appearance, with a particular focus on muscle development.

A Zyzz is stylistically related to the 'guido' or 'wog', but unlike the guido who hails from Italian roots, a Zyzz will be of an Arab, or Iranian ethnic background. A Zyzz is also specifically focused on the gym lifestyle, differing from the guido's slightly wider spectrum of sleazy activities.

Like their cultural cousin the guido, a Zyzz may loudly play dance music, bleach their teeth, live in the gym, frequent tanning salons, get highly visible tattoos, cosmetic surgery, and will wear clothes & other items aimed at attracting attention to themselves.

A Zyzz type ethnic douchebag is often pathologically self-aggrandizing, and will alienate others with their attention seeking & wild claims. To others, the majority of their 'boasts' come across as vainglorious, and grounded in narcissistic fantasy.

A typical Zyzz wants others to believe they are fantastic ("fully sick brah!"), at least according to the shallow value-system of some greasy world-view. To this end, a Zyzz will seek out followers, gaining low-IQ sycophants in the process.
Typical Zyzz: "Come at me brah! I'll fuckin' bench press all of you! Then I'll fuck, like, 21 sluts!"
by Dusty82 January 25, 2011

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