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It's a Weird little game.

The name of the game is I Lose. The object of the game is not to think about the game. Should you think of the game then you lose. When you lose the game you have thirty minutes to forget about the game. After that thirty minutes you're able to lose again. When you lose the game you have to say "I lose" out loud, so that anyone around you who plays the game will also lose. If your lucky there will be people around you who don't know about the game and will ask what it's all about. :) Now that you've read this you'll be playing the game for the rest of your life and random things will remind you of the game. Have fun ^^
You: "Hey dude!"
Friend: "Yea?"
You: "I LOSE!!"
Friend: "Asshole!"
by Dustin Martin December 15, 2007

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