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Often chanted in Scotland within nightclubs and at large dance events when a top DJ such as Paul Van Dyk or Tiesto spins a particularly good tune. Often accompanied by people holding up placards with the word tune written upon it.
Here we, here we, here we fucking go!
by Dundeeboy June 28, 2006

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Weekly rag which is famous for trying to ruin the lives of decent people, in a bid to boost their sales. Best known for printing lies and being succesfully sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds by the persons whose reputations they attempt to besmirch. MP Tommy Sheridan and footballer Ashley Cole for example.

Despite being a British tabloid they held the safety of British Troops in utter contempt by printing pictures of British soldiers beating up a few rioting iraqi youths who were throwing bricks at them. The pictures fuelled the iraqis anger which led to more attacks on UK soldiers.
The news of the world editor: Whose lifes can we fuck up this week then?

The news of the world journalist: Lets flip a coin, if it's heads we'll target a footballer, if it's tails we'll target an MP.

The news of the world editor: Good idea.
by Dundeeboy August 05, 2006

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