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A statement of boast, self-promotion or any other kind of self-glorification posted on the social networking site Facebook.

Often thinly disguised as a 'status update', the benchmark for a Facebrag is something that the offender would not normally say to friends, at work or otherwise in public for fear of being (correctly) branded as a complete nob.

Responding "FACEBRAG" on the offender's post in capitals can perhaps discourage others from repeating this heinous crime against humility.
GEORGE WILSON: is about to board the plane to the Maldives for three weeks of diving and surfing with his hot Page 3 girlfriend! So long suckers!

UNCLE SILAS: FACEBRAG! Hope your plane crashes you miserable cretin.


JEZ HAMILTON: just won the lottery and is about to de-friend everyone poorer than him LOL!

UNCLE SILAS: You dirty little FACEBRAG. I'm going to find you and inject you with Aids.
by Duchy69 August 20, 2010

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