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Self explanatory: A strap of a thong.

These will often be seen rising above a womans hips, especially when sitting down. A thong strap pulled above the pants by itself is a fashion statement on its own, although it is usually part of a whale tail.
Jacob was tempted to pull on Lisa's thong strap, thus giving her a wedgie.
by DubeOne January 06, 2009
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To jack off with a condom on, simulating a real sexual experience.

This is very useful in helping any virgin male prpare to get some pussy. You will know how to put on the rubber fast and easy, know your moves and safely remove the rubber.
Wuss: I have no idea what to do during sex.

Player: It took me two minutes to get the rubber onthe first time, that was awkward.

Stud: I been fucking bitches since 3rd grade, its so easy.

19 year old virgin: I buy 12 packs of cheap condoms at the 99 cents store and use them for sex drills, so I'm ready to go right now.
by DubeOne January 05, 2009
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