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A typical 'bad boy' who has the latest nike trainers e.g. shox or T.N's. These people wear about 3 pairs of socks and have them tucked in to their joggie bottoms, they listen 2 music wot repeats itself over and over again and has a high pitched singer, Charvas probably have crabs seen as they hav their hands down there pants 24/7. Can also be seen on a weekend night drinking cider at a bus stop. Their favourite words include as followed - 'Bad,Bad boy,Innit,TWOCKED IT,boiler house,Im gonna due him in,that is phat' These type of people us usually seen in groups of 5 plus(minimum)
Wannabee ganstars who know they will never be, Just like Rick Waller
by Duane_robbo October 21, 2004
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