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The bastian is a term for a friend that does drugs, lies, and takes your things. He has no consience which makes it fun to hang out with him. He is the kind of kid which knows what YHBT.YHL.HAND means
Mike:Hey can i have a ride home
The Bastian: No
Mike: I live a block from you
The Bastian: Oh Well, watcha gonna do
by Du-Youn February 2, 2007
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A gangsta Rap group formed in south central. It contains MC Moonshine, G Hood What?, and Dalmation Maka'. There first album "Blood Lined Street". Has become an underground sucsess and has sold 3,000 copies out of a trunk in a night. Moonshine has a fast medolic sound to his ryhmes. G Hood What? has a slow dangerous he wrote the single "Crack of Noon". Dalmation Maka' is the leader and founder who claims to be the driving force fo the group. They are currently signed to Armed & Dangerous Inc. The second album is a work in progress but early word is that it will be called " Die by the Gun".
exert from to a "Crack of Noon"

Got up in a hurry at the crack of noon
Just thinking i should kill some one soon
I got my shotgun and i got a beat
Now dead bodies gonna line the streets
Everybody knows how i roll
I wanna rock right now
We dueces wild we came to get down

Guy 1: Hey you wanna go see a Snoop Dogg show
Guy 2: Nah, NWA is wack Deuces Fly is the shit.
by Du-Youn February 27, 2007
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This is used to descride the first week when a teeneager gets his/her car. It is known because during this period there is usually a no eating no driking policy. Usually this is the time also when they are most protective
Allie: Hey wanna ride to Dell Taco
Capri: No i dont want anybody in my car and absolutly no trash
Allie: pfft. what a first week car
by Du-Youn February 9, 2007
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