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short for "roger that" or "roger."

Radio code used to notify to the other party that you understand or received and acknowledge the transmission.

Can also be used in person between two or more people, but if used over texted messaging, most people won't understand because they are stupid.
Harry#1 "Harry, there is a Delia at your 6 O'clock, does she have a Fox Brav?"

Harry#2 "Negative Harry, thats not a Fox Brav, its just a nasty outbreak of scabies"

Harry#1 "Rog, thats gross"
by Dru with a U October 07, 2008

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Male bachelor high tech vernacular for wedding ring. Also can be used in phonetics as "foxtrot bravo" or in short as "fox brav" so other women you are with don't pick up on the fact that you and your buddy are peepin another gal in the presence of a current Delia
Two guys conveniently both named Harry whom are great friends are eying a female...

"Harry! Does that Delia over there have a fox brav?"

"Na Harry, negative on the Finger Bracelet, careful though, she is a Delia after all...your gonna have to shoot 'er dead if need be."

"rog, got my gun to sling at any Delia who crosses me wrong!"
by Dru with a U October 07, 2008

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