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An extremely prestigious and selective Pre-K - 12 Co-ed private, Catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio that has total around 1,000 students. Many of the kids who go there from K-8 are very wealthy because the tuition runs about $13,000, but from 9-12 many are on scholarships and finincial aid, and give a shit about their lives. The high school is possibly the greatest institution of secondary education in the Tri-State area. Their SAT scores are much higher than almost anyone else, and they get in to much better colleges than your average private school. Most of the kids that have gone there their entire lives dont appreciate how lucky they are to attend. It made national news in January 2004 when a part of its beautiful 120 year old main building collapsed. Luckily the damage was repaired. Has probably the most beautiful chapels in Cincinnti. Has a reputation for not being great at sports, but its hard to make a football team out of 160 guys. But, we won state championship in lacrosse last year. Of all the many Catholic schools in Cincinnati, Summit is by far the greatest.
Guy 1: "I go to the Summit Country Day School."
Guy 2: "Wow, I wish I was as lucky and smart as you!"

Average Summit Lifer: "God I hate it here I want to go back to Indian Hill High and go have sex with all my rich friends and not care about my grades and suck at life."
Me: "Dumbfuck."
by Droo Hammur October 22, 2006
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