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Name of Lupe Fiasco's latest album. The real meaning of the cool is what ppl want to be= the posers, the fakers, the wanna be's.. they "chase the cool". They want to be known, seen, and heard for all the wrong reasons. They will stop at nothing for popularity and/or attention. If you are chasing the cool you're somewhat of a dickrider. The cool is a false sense of achievement and the way to totally not be your self. Deep down inside these people know they are untrue.. Definately not down to earth, they might be easy to get along with simply because they will kiss your ass if they think they can benefit from your approval or friendship. Both food and liquor and the cool's songs show this meaning. Alot of the songs show meanings of good and bad morality and the way to be a better person. lupe rocks.
I know TONS of ppl at Sahuarita High School that chase the cool.

by Dro23 September 03, 2008

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Something hawaiian natives say after every other sentence.
The floor is dirty ya

You are a fast runner ya
by Dro23 September 03, 2008

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