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A small town located in central New Jersey. It is approximately 2 square miles and is divided into 6 sections, all seperated by railroad tracks:

1. North Side
2. South Side
3. Weston
4. Little Weston
5. The Valley
6. Clairmont

The North Side is known for having a majority of Manville's schools including Manville High School, Roosevelt School, Alexander Batcho Intermediate School, and Chirst the King..which all suck at all sports except Track and Field.

The Valley is known for its constant flooding.

Other than that, the town is just another dot on the map.
John: Hey, want to go to Manville later to see a football game?
Hank: No way man, their team can't win for shit.
John: Okay, let's just go watch Immaculata win then.
by DrewXD January 02, 2008

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