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A liberal arts college located in Allendale, MI. Grand Valley carries the 2nd lowest acceptance rate in the State of Michigan. Most who do not get accepted wind up at colleges such as Michigan State University or glorified community colleges such as Western or Central. Known for the athletics, Grand Valley beat the living shit out of over-rated Michigan State in basketball in 2007. Grand Valley also is able to fill an entire building with National Championships. To fit in, a student must own a Sigg water bottle, a North Face jacket, and a sense of being better than everyone that does not go to GVSU. Most graduates are placed in positions where they manage graduates of Michigan State, Western, and Central.
Student 1: Damn, I didn't get in to Grand Valley State University.
Student 2: Its all good, we got in to State!
Student 1: ...but I didn't want to be a janitor...
Student 2: Then go to Western and be unemployable.
by Drew Neitzel August 18, 2009
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