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(Adult Baby/Diper Lover)

This is typically a lifestyle choice (A fetish for some) where a adult acts like a baby for comfort reasons. Many people use this to deal with stress, traumatic life events, or just because this is how they chose to live their life. People who are into this might wear adult diapers, use pacifiers, and other various objects that one might use for a child or toddler.

This does not mean that they are attracted to children. See also Age Regression.
Person One: Is sweepy, can someone weed me a story?
Person Two: Awe look at the little ABDL! Of course I will!
by Dragon213 August 16, 2017
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An opinion that's based off of somebody's personal feelings rather than facts.
Personal opinion: Dogs are cute as heck
Professional opinion: Dogs make good companions, studies show that they've been man's best friend for hundreds of years.
by Dragon213 December 16, 2019
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