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A substance that is coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere.
I don't like Sand.
by DrXshock December 31, 2018

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Usually an idiot, but can also be mixed with the word Nonce (British slang for Pedo) or any other variation to create a Noncey Spazmoid. Callum's Corner regularly uses this in his youtube videos, usually to describe haters or nonces (not to be confused with Noncey Spazmoid).
You're all Spazmoids, look at you!
by DrXshock September 25, 2018

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The fucking WORST TRANSFORMER EVER. He GOT OPTIMUS FUCKING PRIME KILLED then became LEADER OF THE GOD DAMN AUTOBOTS AFTER KILLING THE LAST LEADER (Well Ultra Magnus was leader for a short while but he wasn't really worthy of the Matrix of Leadership). FUCK YOU HOT ROD.
by DrXshock January 03, 2019

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A term to describe a female character from a movie/tv show that follow this criteria:
-Extremely powerful to the point that their powers rise above the strongest characters within their universe
-Only heard of recently within said franchise that has been going for many years (and in some cases decades)
-Lacks any sort of character development
-Gained/discovered her powers recently within the universe and within only a few days/months achieves full mastery of said powers
-Unconditionally loved by almost every character
--Everybody that doesn't love her is evil
-Always right
-The best at anything they do, even if they've only recently begun to practice said skill
-Likely connected to SJWs or extreme feminizm
-Likely created to fulfill an author/screenwriter's power fantasy
-Very young compared to the rest of the characters (Sometimes this point is not met)
-The character may also be a Self-Insert

The term originated from a Star Trek parody fanfiction dating back to the 1970s, where Lieutenant Mary Sue (only 15 years old) was recognized as the smartest character on the Enterprise, quickly winning over the big three (Kirk, Spock and McCoy) with her wit and intellect. In the story, she saved the day single-handedly, though perished at the end.

Mary Sue has however been misused on occasion and has received some controversy among groups of extreme feminists, and can be associated with misogyny, though cases like that are very rare and highly exaggerated.
*On Twitter*
Person 1: "Rey is a Mary Sue."
Person 2: "How dare you say that about a female character, you're a sexist and a troll!"
*every other sane person viewing the conversation facepalms*
by DrXshock April 29, 2019

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Words that can destroy the target within seconds, the deadliest weapon in the universe.
Person 1: "Go commit die."
Person 2: *literally just dies*
by DrXshock January 03, 2019

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Expand Dong
Expand Dong
by DrXshock December 26, 2018

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I am Groot
I am groot
by DrXshock April 03, 2019

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