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The act of farting whilst walking up a set of stairs with one or a group of people walking behind you. The escape velocity of the fart will ensure that the pocket of noxious gas will remain at around head height therefore producing an instant and rather effective dutch oven affect.
You see the look on their faces? I just got them with a stair biscuit!
by DrGibbo January 29, 2010

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Some who is an advocate of anti climate change yet has a carbon footprint the size of Paris Hilton's.


To be sat in a coffee room in a university sporting a sticker on your thermos declaring ones support for reducing climate change whilst discussing the merits of having jetted off to Portugal and the Americas for the summer.
"see that girl with the sticker on her mug?... she's such a hippycrite."
by DrGibbo October 06, 2009

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