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NHL team from Buffalo, NY. Much like every other Buffalo sports team, every chance for a championship ends in bitter disappointment (Brett Hull). Will NEVER - NEVER - win the Stanley Cup because God hates Buffalo and will never let any of its teams win anything of value (Buffalo Bills).

Fucking Christ, they had Hasek put up a 93.9% save percentage in the playoffs and fucking lost!
"Hey Whitey, did you know that the Buffalo Sabres are in the playoffs?"

"Hey douche-bag, it doesn't matter because they're just going to lose and then we have to listen to a bunch of ignorant, bitter, Sabres fans go on and on about that not being a goal and some other bullshit cause they're a bunch of pussy ass crybabies from a shitty place like Buffalo where there are no schools or roads just flaming rivers of tar and nuclear waste that damage the brains of these people even more than the heavy drinking their mothers did while they were in the womb and then the heavy drinking they themselves did once out of the womb and blah, blah, blah - Buffalo fucking sucks"
by Dr0pkickFinney May 24, 2008

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