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Alternative pop band from Chicago, famous for doing really awesome music videos in their own homes. Ira Glass calls them "living catnip". Most famous recently for "the treadmill dance" that featured in the video for "Here It Goes Again". Check this band out on YouTube, the videos are amazing even if you dont like the music (which I happen to think is great too anyways)
"Dude have you seen the new MTN ad? With the guys on treadmills?"
"Yeah, thats OK Go. They rock"
by Dr. Van Van Mojo June 29, 2007

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In South Africa, a klonkie is a somewhat (if the person saying it isnt a klonkie, that is) for a person who is "coloured" or of mixed race. Klonkies are some of the coolest people in South Africa, nay the earth; they're totally laid back and friendly and have their own language, a mixture of Afrikaans,English, and American gangster talk in which dey tawks sumfing laaik dis jou ken wat ek saying fir YO? Klonkie girls are also really hot (when they arent Meth addicts with no teeth that is) but they always have big scary Klonkie boyfriends who would fuck you up seven hundred different ways if they caught you looking at their girls the wrong way. Mostly found in the Western Cape in South Africa, especially the Cape Flats. There are also a lot of Klonkie stand up comedians
"Bru, check daardie Klonkie chicky, shes nice and nice huh?"
"Ja mate, but dont let her boy hear you say that- I dont want to have to pick up your pieces when he's done with you"
by Dr. Van Van Mojo June 29, 2007

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