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What a person says when they want to swear, but

1. They are too afraid to

2. They are in a situation when it would not be acceptable to.

For example, pseudoswearing is saying things like "holy crumpets" or "what the frog"
1. "I freaking hate this crap!" said a goody-two-shoes who thinks it is wrong to swear.

2. "God darn you to heck!" pseudosweared our 60-year-old English teacher, who would probably get fired if she actually said what she was meaning to.
by Dr. T. Awesome January 05, 2010

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The back of the knee. The knelbow is to the leg as the elbow is to the arm.
If you get kicked in the knelbow you'll probably fall down.
by Dr. T. Awesome July 05, 2010

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What one says at the end of an embarrassing, awkward, or boring conversation.
Bill: ...And that's basically how I got into midget porn. Yeah...

Bob: So then I said that I should have it my way because it is Burger King, and I thought I was gonna kicked but I didn't so I ate my fries then left. Yeah...
by Dr. T. Awesome June 29, 2010

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