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A person which when in conversation has a story to tell whether real or imagined, about a specific idea, person, place, event, or thing, that is more exhilarating, spontaneous, better, worse, shittier, greater, higher, lavish, outstanding, superior, superb, advanced, complex, sophisticated, splendid, wonderful, magnificent, improved, brilliant, admirable, excellent, terrific, marvelous, surprising, amazing, breathtaking, enhanced, thrilling, astonishing, fantastic, shocking, surprising, astounding, exciting, extraordinary, far-fetched, stimulating, electrifying, wonderful, stupendous, invigorating, or glorious then that of the previous story told. This person may also appear to be more cocky then confident, extremely egotistical, filled with jealousy, or a straight up hater. Also see hater JewJealous.
Danny McLOvin: Yo, I just bought a new Benz in cash by myself without even really working the shits hot.

Scottie McTalks: That shits only a C class, my dad has been working for 30 years, 13 hour days and has a S600, apartment in NYC, a house up in HillBilly land, and a few little doggies. Besides there are alot of little twits who have nice cars that mommy and daddy bought them.

Scottie McTalks is a one upper when he refers to his father having something better then McLovin, and the other little twits who have nice cars. Mctalks is also a hater when he displays jealousy and makes the statement that McLovin only has a c-class. One uppers are synonymous with haters in the fact that they hate other people because of their success and accomplishments and will attempt to ignore the fact that others are doing better then them.
Resentment is also a characteristic posessed by one uppers and haters, because of there lack of success and motivation they feel it is neccesary to put others achieveing more then them down.
Ex. 2
Mclovin: Yo, I just got a Kompressor benz all black, HID's, and 17' sport rims.
Baker: Thats a poor mans Benz I'm whippin a 87 Thunderbird with 126,000 miles on it.
by Dr. Mclovin January 08, 2008
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