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An SMS containing only the word 'GONG' sent to a friend after you've had sex, based on the Sex Gongs used by JD and Turk in the TV show 'Scrubs'.
(after sex)
Girl: Hey, you wanna snuggle?
Guy1: In a minute, babe, just need to send a quick text.

Guy2: Yeeeahh boyee! That's my dawg!
Guy3: What?
Guy2: My buddy just sent me a text gong.
by Dr. Dangeresque June 12, 2008

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An abstract area in which another person resides and goes about their business.
Guy1: Hey, what's new in Youtown?
Guy2: Nothing much. Has anyone else moved into Loserville yet or is it still just 'Population: You'?
by Dr. Dangeresque June 19, 2008

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