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a unique form of intercourse that began in the 1980's, and has made a comeback today as the preferred method of intercourse for Scientologists. This activity must involve people of both sexes, and can involve more than two people. It consists of multiple doinkings of the female by one ore more males over an unlimitted amount of time. However, there is a limit of four doinkings per doink fest. After doinking the girl, the guy(s) must ejaculate on her face covering her with semen. The girl(s) may not however clean off the ejaculate until the entire doink fest is complete. Doink fest is a broad event and therefore can involve multiple positions and multiple fetishes. Due to this, make sure to select a clean and safe environment free of sharp edges and other hazards. Condoms are not permitted in doink fest, so doink at your own risk. Also, doink fest has proven to add years onto one's life...just ask Margaret Thatcher. Doink fest has re-emerged so prevalently that it has birthed a whole new position: the Double Doinker Sandwhich. This position will be defined separately
"Last night's doink fest was so intense that Peggy lost an eye after the first doink, and still proceeded to finish the doink fest" "Doink fest has become the preferred after school activity for high schoolers across America, especially for Mormons"

by Dr. Bendova April 28, 2008

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