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1. An irrational desire to engage in intercourse with any member of the opposite sex.

2. A little diagnosed condition in which very strong sex drive passes continuously from person to person in a group or people or small community.

Also known as "CCN" or "The Lok Virus", Chronic Contagious Nymphomania can pass from one person to another regardless of gender. Physical contact is unnecessary for it to contract. There is ongoing research into how CCN is actually transferred, although it nearly always takes an infected person to converse about said sex urges to pass on.
In some female patients, symptoms appear to fade over the duration of menstruation, but may return at the end of it. This is still being investigated.
It is indefinite how long each bout of the virus can last. There is no known cure, as sexual activity can either relieve or enhance CCN, though it has been observed in some patients that merely discussing intercourse can have an enhancing effect on CCN.
Chronic Contagious Nymphomania can be seen as a positive or a negative condition.
Nick: Damn, I've got an incurable sex drive.
Tash: Haha... you've got CCN as well?
Nick: Chronic contagious nymphomania? Seems like it.
Tash: Mine's been wearing off a bit... I probably passed it on to you haha.
Lok: Sucked in, I've been free of it for a few weeks!
Tash: Yeah, but it's sure to come back.
by Dr Maarkan May 09, 2008

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Tash: Why are you so tired?
Lok: Couldn't sleep last night. CCN.
Tash: Ah.
by Dr Maarkan May 09, 2008

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