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A word created by a trio consisting of a Mostly-Homo Bisexual Filmmaker, a Bisexual Big-Haired Jew, and a Midget Lesbian with a Lip Ring. It was a portmanteau word created by the Filmmaker in a friendship appreciation card to his best friends. It is an amalgamation of the following words:

The suffix -Ness

It began as "Bestfriendshipness" but evolved to include the MAN after FRIEND because the creator thought it sounded like "Penmanship" which just made the word flow.....
Jenna: "Kaite, you and Doug are my best friends, thank you for showing me unconditional Bestfriendmanshipness."
Kaite: "No problem, I love you best friend! We should bake Bestfriendmanshipness brownies!"
Doug: "Kaite will put weed in the brownies, I vote we just nominate November 10th as Bestfriendmanshipness Day where we all show each other what we mean to one another by participating in a Downtown Orgy."
by Douglas Harvey November 10, 2008

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As defined in the Peaches song "Slippery Dick", a sauce licker (or, as Peaches pronounces it: "saws leekur")is someone who enjoys licking or lapping up the oozing contents of an orifice after sex. Orifices in question can be the mouth, the vagina, the asshole, or even the hole at the end of the penis's shaft.
"Jenna is such a sauce licker! She took Will's penis and licked up the semen after jacking him off! The day before she was persuaded by Dennee to lick the cum out of his asshole after Jeremiah blew his load in his rectum. Then Doug came by and swapped a load of Andrew's semen with Jenna via the mouth. Later that night, Kaite came over and let Jenna lick the lady juice from her snatch."
by Douglas Harvey November 10, 2008

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