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Having a girl feed you a bratwurst or any other phallic shaped object while receiving a blow job. It is both the subconscious desire of all men and the gas chamber for every neo-feminist. Also, a sort of “yin and yang” of sexual union with the correct objects being placed in the correct mouth.

It has been said that if the Bratjob existed in Freud’s lifetime, he would have dedicated a whole book merely to the topic.

There are variations including “The Maxwell Street Suck-off” which strictly involves Chicago’s signature hot dogs only. “The Tailgater” is a position in which the man makes love to his mate from behind and has his thirst quenched by an alcoholic beverage the female provides to him.
“Man, I got a great bratjob last night. The girl was great and I sure do love bratwurst.”
by Double_M July 04, 2009
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