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An incredibly hot asian ninja girl who would rip your testicles off as soon as look at you. She wears a full suit of black leather - on her it's not a cliche - and if you ever laid eyes on her, her cold and commanding presence would inflict heart-stopping terror upon you as you feared for your life. She's more likely to rip your kidneys out and then kill you than give you the time of day, but that hardly matters because she's so god damn sexy, and getting killed by her would give you a boner hard enough to break titanium.
No one knows where she came from, but there are rumors that she had her heart broken and disappeared for several years before re-emerging as the cold, hard assassin we know now. This rumor may be true, as it explains the small metal statue of a demon-fox invariably found embedded in her victims' hearts, with no sign of an entrance wound. She has eluded armies and slain kings, and is one assassin to be much feared.
-Did you hear that George just fell over dead during the rally yesterday ~Yeah, I heard there was a statue inside his body. -Jordan kun must have got him. He was a player.
by Dooooomsauce August 15, 2011

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