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A game where two or more males stand some distance apart on a hard, flat surface and take turns bouncing a tennis ball at each others nuts. The ball may be thrown as hard as desired but it must bounce at least once before striking the nuts. The target may not move or impede the ball in any way, the penalty for doing so is another attempt by the thrower. Women are sometimes allowed to play but a handicap such as reduced clothing or standing closer to allow a good pelvic bone shot.
Let's get drunk and play some Nut Ball
by Doonkaba January 02, 2005

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A word for marijuana. Developed in the late '90's by a couple of guys from San Diego. The word started as "chronic" and was changed to "bronic" because of some rap influence. The word then changed to "brizzy" because Snoop Dog was huge then (for shizzle my nizzle-type stuff). The word was then shortened to "briz" or "the briz". Then, in an inspirational moment of intoxication, the word became "briznu" because it was fun to say. Other forms such as "griznu", "shiznu", and "the grizz" are acceptable.
Pass me the briznu, I want to get high.
This shiznu is blowing my mind
by Doonkaba December 30, 2004

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