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When one takes a shit so big it feels like giving birth.
"SHIT!, I just had a booty baby!"
by DOOD987 April 13, 2014
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a tall, generally lanky kid with a pension for odd looks and tendencies. While having some of these traits they still maintain a social life and are fairly popular. They need a 5XL shirt to have a moderately tall tee. You all know what the goon or goons in your school are, as they tend to move in packs. They are perfectly nice people but are very tall and imposing, this is where we get the term "goon".
Chad: Yo dood did you see that kid, fucking double overhead swag right there.


Chad: Odd Future Wolf Gang Don't Give A Fuck!

Austin: fuck no man, fuck no.
by Dood987 October 10, 2011
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