2 definitions by DooKiecaRrot

repulsive, sick; disgusting; generally fucked up
Ah bro, I went over to Sarah's last night, and she wanted me to eat her taco, right. Well, when I got the ass flossers off, I was totally overwhelmed by this egg/fish/shit/collard greens/vomit smell. It was so fuckin grotty dude.
by DooKiecaRrot September 27, 2003
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LSD, everclear, moonshine, Crown Royal; any of these alone is poof juice, however, a combination of two or more, SUPER POOF JUICE
I swear there was stairs with ladybugs all over 'em. I tried to go down but fell down the stairs that weren't really stairs, but almost. But I didnt spill the super poof juice. Not a drop.
by DooKiecaRrot September 27, 2003
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