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Term used by the late great Rick James referring to Charlie Murphy's "Darkness" (pre-Wesley Snipes era). Someone who has this trait is of an unexplainably dark complexion. David Ortiz on steroids is also an acceptable example of "Black Magic".
"Darkness, you evil mothafucka, you as cold as ice, black magic..... Fuck yo couch nigga!"
by Dontarrious Jackson June 25, 2005
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The menacing creatures that inhabit the sand. Ex. Osama bin Laden, Mamud Akbar Fahi

This enclave of allah worshipers should never be trusted or allowed into this great country - The jawas are not people
"The jawa 'people' have delcared jihad upon the people of America."- George Bush

"Allahhurakbah!!! Mesmusen akbar derka derka JIHAAAAAD!!!!" - Imar Desmerka Quazili Jihad
by Dontarrious Jackson July 09, 2005
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Honkey was a term made popular by the great George Jefferson in the 1970's. The term refers to someone of caucasian skin. It dates back to the early 1900's, when affluent white men would honk their car horns in urban areas to signal to prostitutes that they are ready and willing.
"Reach for the sky Honkey!" - Dave Chappelle

"Damn, that honkey be so white, I'd lose him in a blizzard. Crazy saltine." - Shamar Washington
by Dontarrious Jackson June 25, 2005
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