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A person who truly enjoys a variety of beer. Whether the beer comes from an enormous company or the tiniest brew pub. A beer geek often enjoys multiple styles of beer. A beer geek can be distinguished from a beer snob because a beer geek will not look down on people for their choice of beer even if it comes from Bud, Miller, Coors, Milwaukee's Best or Pabst. In fact most beer geeks have a favorite American Style lager, that they enjoy as well as Imperial Stouts, India Pale Ales, Vienna Lagers, Brown Ales, Barleywines etc. Beer Geeks generally don't expect folks to drink what they drink.
I am a beer geek, so even though I drink a lot of local beer and Belgian beer I don't make fun of people for drinking Bud and I'm not above drinking it myself.
by Donnie2112 July 23, 2008

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