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goldeneye is perhaps on of the defining moments in game history although many say it was the inspiration for halo *IE the easy controls and fluid movement that only comes from what many call LEET SKILLZ* although many say it is the whole reason for joy sticks many idiots still believe that nintendo invented shoulder buttons and the joystick its self when in further study atari and the russian space program *responsible for creating a flight simulater that later became a gaming system for many underground fans of classic works which utalized a joystick system to simulate controls long before atari whom invented shoudler buttons though not widley known the second atari system had "shoulder" buttons* but compared to some of todays titles goldeneye is the best shooter ever with its many unlockables, challenging game play from the mediocore agent setting to the ungodly OO agent setting and fun multiplayer games which just beg for online play. all of the game itself was heralded as perhaps nintendos door way into ffps history and heralded a new day for james bond and his spy ways but soon began to crash and burn as all the follow up titles were a big disappoitment and left many wondering why change the system *trying to keep up with modern technology nintendo literally took the wrapper and made it new but in the process poisoned the product* any one that has played any of the newer titles knows what i mean but nintendo has redeemed themselves and sold the license. more evidence how goldeneye is i traded a ps2 for a n64 a lot of games and about 600 controllers *90% of wich were broken thanks to the aztec on 00 agent*

The first James Bond movie that was rather good although from russia with love and octopussy where rather good it left many wondering what next for the super spy *why no new james bond movies as of late? many speculate it is the try and stop the supposed curse of bad jb games based on unique movies but there still being made with out movies HOW DARE YOU!>.<*
Hey lets go play goldeneye oh wait haha your dad sold the n64 to gamestop... LOSER!

Hey i heard there doing a james bond marathon on spike TV and goldeneye wasnt included wonder why?
by Donnie Howard is hot January 01, 2006

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A supposedly secret gun that many people seem to have gotten for the level but when asked how they got it or to show you either "forgot" or complained about a glitch I my self have gotten a banshee and have tried to find where the hell it is but to no avail as if you wait to long a large group of wraiths will come out of the tunnel who will also be occompeneid by banshees.
Dude the scarab gun is real ill show you "ten minutes later" I cant get a damn banshee well let me show another glitch now
by Donnie Howard is hot January 01, 2006

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