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Before:The Orginial human beings created in Gods image that owned the world. Created Mathematics/Science to build a better civilization Egypt, Orginal keepers of the Gold and resources, can make and produce different colors of humans..

The illegitimate parents of all races Albino+Albino=(White People)

Now: Humans that had yet to realized their true potential, enslaved with a forgotten History by their own creations, Manipulated by others to exploit and become the backbone of their wealth, Slowly exterminating theirselves, the real reason why People make the Forbes 400 list. Biggest consumers, most hated but people want to be like them, feared by others due to defined presence, the unorganized humans..
Black people created most of the technology of today in the past, it is only be recycled, renamed and reused..
by Don203 June 08, 2012

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