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Ma-púa ma-poo-wuh
noun, plural Ma-púa sys-tem

a reputable source of architects, engineers, and science graduates and constantly produces top notchers in the architectural and engineering fields as the Mapúa Institute of Technology heavily specializes in these fields in the undergraduate and graduate levels

Mapúa is also the first Philippine and Southeast Asian educational institution to have ABET certification, rendering the Institute to be at par with US-based colleges and universities

a institute of learning where students must be immortal in order to graduate and also a college that never suspends classes even when every college in the country suspended theirs
Madaling makapasok sa Mapúa pero tingnan ko lang kung makalabas ka. (It's easy to be admitted in Mapúa but let me see if you can graduate.)
by Don Tomas Mapúa October 13, 2012
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