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Old saying from the Mafiosi in Sicily. Tells that the best payback is the one that comes with planning, and that brings the most horrendous pain to your enemies when they are not expecting and are just enjoying the fruits of all the dishonor they brought upon you. One must wait so he can really inflict pain to those who wronged him. Careful planing is necessary so your enemies will suffer terribly, but you won't be harmed by the Law or by your enemies' allies.
"After cutting the guy's arms with the chainsaw and throwing to the sharks, Joe tells him: 'La vendetta es una minestra che se mangia fredda, my friend, or Revenge is a dish best served cold. That bitch thought she would be happy with her HS sweetheart after stealing my money and send me to jail? Now she is going to know the pain of lose everything she loves...' He then pulls his Beretta and shoots the guy in the head"
by Don Materazzi March 20, 2009

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