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A word that is overused, or a label given to you when your being truthful and reasonable about something, and people don't want to accept the fact your right.
ME- Bow Wow is a fake thug, who has a ghostwriter.
Dumbass- Nah ah, your just a hater.
ME- No its the truth JD wrote for him, and hes no thug, he never lived in the hood.
by Dominican_Hustle August 24, 2008
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Most overrated rapper ever, I mean really. Greatest rapper alive?, when did nas and all the active old school and underground rappers die?
Really overated, he spits random punchlines, and he steals his swagger and lines from other rappers.
He's a fake blood, and a closet homo!
People that call him the greatest dont listen to hip hop as a whole, all they listen to is radio and bet.
Some pussie mexican- Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!
Me- Fuck you, Immortal Technique bitch!
Some pussie mexican- He aint great, you never here tech on the radio.
Me- Fuck you radio rap is for fags.
by Dominican_Hustle August 22, 2008
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