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Born in Mexico, Cesar worked on a farm as a boy and wanted to become a dog trainer in America. He illegally immigrated to the US and worked in San Diego in at a small dog grooming shop. He then worked as a limo/vallet service. After everyone saw how good he was with dogs, word of mouth spread and he soon started training dogs/people as he had his own small side business. Jada Pickett Smith was one of his first major clients and offered to help Cesar set up his own business.

Now he is host of the popular "Dog Whisperer" show on National Geographic. He is very good with dogs and constantly tells people to stop treating dogs like humans and be their pack leaders!

Exercise, Disipline, and then Affection - In that order!
Cesar Millan to a typical owner who spoils their pet with effection: "Be the pack leader and give off a assertive dominant energy and your dog will love you. Only give affection if the dog is being calm submissive"
by Doggmaster431 July 17, 2009

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