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1-A word used to express any kind of emotion.
2-The god of the religion, Yibism.
3-True goodness.
4-Greeting among friends/family.
*just took a long piss after holding it in for 3 hours on a road trip*
"ahh... yibaaaa."
friend1- "yi"
friend2- "ba"
by Doffy July 16, 2004

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Unknown origin. It was not till summer of 2002 that wock was fully realized by his lover Doffy. They make make sweet love. Anal sex only.
He enjoys short wocks on the beach, followed by pounding of the rectum. :) k thx hes mine- sry.
"Wockaaaaaaaay!" also see magic conch
by Doffy July 27, 2004

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