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Generally, a person who supports less government in the daily life of citizen's. Critics belief that the republican party supports tax breaks for the rich because they are controlled by big business, but in reality they know that with less government there should be lowered taxes. Tax breaks allow more money to circulate through the economy rather than the government. It has been said that we are the rich man's party. The majority of the money rest in the North and the West which vote democrat and the hard working middle class of the south and central regions of America vote Republican. Republicans do not belief in welfare or other government gifts to the lazy. They support life for innocent unborn children and death for guilty murders. See abortion and death penalty. The republican party can also be referred to as the logical party. Although my fellow republicans are more logical than its weak contradicting competetion, the republics can sometimes lose their logic by referring to the Bible, sorry guys the Bible was guided by most corrupt BUSINESS in history, The Catholic Church. The republican party will remain on top until the democrats realize that they can not please the 4,722,987 special interest groups that vote against our candidate instead of for the democrat.
In the last two elections W won, we were voting for him and the democrats had no one to vote for. Instead, they showed up to the polls as anti-republicans instead of pro-whatever the hell tree or animal or minority they support.
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