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A *beep* *beep* place where "teachers" are hired to make young adolescents have no social life because sadly they have already lost theirs. And lead them all to an extreme depression which they will end up killing themselves.

Also a place in which a person goes to be told its okay to be different when its actually not.

It is also the most stressful place in the world and just to end this *bang* Im dead already...
Yr 7 Student: Woot Finally High School!

Science Teacher: WELCOME!...... now everyone open page 1 of you text book and answer questions 1 to 25 for everyone page up to 50 to be completed by tomorrow period 1.

Yr 7 Student: *eye twitches*
by Dodgy-deeds July 06, 2011

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The word some noobs commonly get mixed up with Stuff You!
John: I got the last lolly pop!

Francis: STFU!!!!!!

John: Stuff you to yourself!

Francis: o.O
by Dodgy-deeds July 07, 2011

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