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A vehicle from a country that exports rice. Japan. Rice does not stand for "race inspired cosmetic enhancement". That was developed in the last few years by people who drive rice cars but don't want to admit it. The term "rice burner" has been around since the 70s while the "race inspired" definition was created around 2010.

This is not to be confused with the term "Ricer". A ricer is an individual, not a vehicle. Someone who puts very large/loud exhaust, bulky body kits(usually unpainted or spray painted), large wheels with tiny tires, excessive negative camber, "drift trinkets", tow hooks, neon lights, body colored interior plastic parts, wings, non-functional hood scoops, Japanese writing on the windows, metal cold air intakes(these are hot air intakes as metal under a hood gets very hot), candy painted valve covers and other tasteless cosmetic modifications on their vehicles. You do not have to drive a rice car to be a ricer. You do not have to be a ricer to drive a rice car. The two are completely separate.
Jimmy just got a rice car. Its a 300hp Subaru STi.

The owner of that Focus is a serious ricer. Look at that nasty primered body kit and giant wing.
by Dodge Daytona R/T January 08, 2013
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