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someone who breaks your ankles and has the heart of a champion. goes hard in the paint.
did you just see kobe? he just kemba walkered lebron!
by doctor jim March 10, 2011
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The world's private-for-profit-monopoly-central-debt banks, like our "Federal Reserve" and the UN banks, are fronts for the real plutocrats in the world today.

Owners of your nations bank can be citizens of your country or of any other, but they are always anonymous, and always the ULTRA super rich (Usr), and always above all law, and immune to all taxation. They rake in massive profits directly from the country's national debt, which their bank creates by "buying" government securities with nothing but a bookkeeping entry. The Usr reap the nation's wealth as payments of income taxes and as payments on the massive loans made by their member banks to individuals an to nations.

The "super rich" are simply puppets of the Usr, as are all governments of any form. All "revolutionaries" and all wars are financed by these banks. Wars create the most debt & so are highly favored by these vampires.

The first of their kind began prior to any banks and were goldsmiths who kept people's gold for safety and issued receipts for it - the first paper money.

The borrower is servant to the lender..
Goldsmiths, were an early plutocracy, who soon found they could issue more gold receipts than they held gold in safe-keeping. And abracadabra the magic of fraudulent fractional reserve banking - which we are taught is just fine, when it is a root of the ulra-obscene wealth of all ULTRA plutocrats and of all corruption.

A gold based currency is a darling of the Usr because only they can truly hoard it, then have it confiscated, then finally have a paper fiat currency based on debt nationalized. This debt-fiat is the direct opposite of a paper fiat money based on the good-faith-and-CREDIT of a nation's commerce. Such a debt-free fiat currency is as much a boon to a nation as debt-based currency is a disaster.

And so the dog (Pluto) walks the owner or "the tail wags the dog".
by Doctor Jim April 05, 2014
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