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The act of or ramification of gently rubbing someone's arm to set at ease the muscle and subsiquently smashing the middle knuckle of the middle finger or pointer into the area of arm just relaxed pruducing an amusing but agonizingly painful muscle spasm resulting in an elevation of skin and muscle in the shape of a ball of various sizes that slowly makes its way down the afflicted area until fading back into the arm.
"That kid got the worst monkeyball i've ever seen, it popped up atleast an inch!"
by Docter Octogonapus December 12, 2008
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A state of being over-worked and subsiquently calling out with a fake illness of sorts
"I can't come in, I've got Meriothelia's Syndrom....."

"You've got Workitus is what you've got..."
by Docter Octogonapus December 22, 2008
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