2 definitions by Doc Up

The specific and describable way in which a person reached a high level of fame or success. Oftentimes people's come up gets hated on because everyones come up is different.
Person 1 "Hey do you Saweetie? She's massive now"
Person 2 "Yeh she is but she came up off of dating Quavo, I can't respect her come up"
Person 1 "Shut up bruh shes still bad asf"
by Doc Up September 19, 2021
A statement used on the internet for something that's usually unacceptable in normal society, but is excused because it is for the purpose of a Youtube Video.
Dude 1: "Bruh you should go fight that dude for content, it will make the video much more interesting"
Dude 2: "Bruh imma get my a$$ whooped tho"
Dude 1 "Even better! That's a million views!"
by Doc Up September 3, 2021