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The coolest cul de sac in the mills branch subdivision. One of the coolest people that lives their is daniel. he was born on june 10, 1991 and is of asian ethnicity. His friends on the cul de sac include joseph, mark and brian....and jonathon until he turned uncool and moved to forest cove. around the corner lies ethan and shane. they practically get in a fight like every fricken minute. other wise theyre cool n its fun to go to their house because they have Xbox 360 n shiznit. We also like to jump off the water slide into da pool in our boxers. o yeah i forgot joseph and mark. They live two houses down from daniel and daniel and ethan like to play at their house and chill on the hill like a pill. it is fun on a bun. We also like to say "suck on my wiener beaner" because it rhymes. another thing that we like to do is say HHIIIII to every body including ppl we dont even know. although parents get get annoyed by it after a while, we doit any way because its funny like a bunny
chase:"im going to play hockey, u wanna come?"

dalton:"no u sick freak i dont want to cum with u!"

chase:"no come as in go with me u tard"

dalton:"oohhh no thanx im tired."

chase:"im going to purple meadow ln. though."

dalton:"o ok, then im definately coming!"
by Dizzaniel Arrow February 06, 2007
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