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The intense burning feeling you get during urination after you've blown so many loads that you canna' blow no more son
Primo: "Were you ok when you got home last night? You were sooo drunk, lucky my sister was able to give you a lift"
Secundo: "I don't remember man but I had the worst razor blades when I woke up this morning"
by dividius May 08, 2011
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Grave turning is a new extreme sport which involves the participant rapidly revolving their own corpse at such a high speed that they drill into the earth generating their own grave, which they then proceed to turn in.
Upon hearing that the laws of thermodynamics had been broken, Professor Mechler died of rapid-onset self induced bladder failure and was forced deep into the earth’s core by rapidly grave turning his own cadaver.
by Dividius October 24, 2006
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