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1) When a sexual partner rubs a slice of avacado around the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis and bites off the foreskin.

2) When a female's bush is so long and fluffy that her hair clip must be removed from her head to her bush in order to go down on her.
1) "Last night Ronnie said he was tired of cleaning out his uncircumcised penis so we sent him down to Korea Town with $60 and a pint of tequila to have a California Clipper preformed. Ronnie said it was painful, but he had to admit, he kinda' leaned into a little."

2) "Dude, it was dark in the room and when I went for a muff dive I didn't realize I would be nearly suffocated by Regina's bush! I had to California Clipp that shit back or the dive was out of the question!"
by Dive Master December 27, 2011

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The consistency of the fecal content one excretes during submitting themselves to a juice cleanse. Aka: very expensive poos.
Her: "Girl, I've been drinking vegetables for days."
She: "Oh girl, you better have Mr. Clean on standby after your days of juicy poos."
by Dive Master February 08, 2017

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