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A game where you randomly pick one of the people you follow then you start randomly clicking on photos in the "Following" section on the right side of the page. Every time you pull up a new profile you randomly click again on one the of the photos under the "Following" section. You keep clicking until you accomplish one of the following:

You find yourself again after at least 5 clicks +5 (points)
You find someone you know personally +2
You travel to a foreign country +1 for each new country
You travel back to your own country +1
You find someone from your state +1
You find someone famous +1
You find someone with no followers -10 (and game over)

Everyone can make up their own rules and scoring. It's a great alternative to solitaire and you can run into some really interesting people to follow.
I played a few rounds of Twitter Roulette while I waited for my laundry to dry. I found a really cool guy to follow in France and I lost the first round after I clicked on some lady in Germany with over 10,000 followers but she didn't follow anyone.
by divadoll February 15, 2010

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Casual term for a hand-held baby and child care apparatus with a compressible bulb (similar to that of a turkey baster) on one end and a sometimes rigid nozzle-like shape at the other end. The bulb is compressed, the nozzle is inserted into a nostril, and then the bulb is released resulting in a vacuum action that sucks boogers out of the baby's or child's nose. The fancy term for this item is "Nasal Aspirator".
New Mom: Excuse me. Have you ever used a nasal aspirator?

Mom of 3: Nasal aspirator?

New Mom: Yes. One of those bulb-thingies you use when your baby has a stuffy nose?

Mom of 3: Oh, yeah, you're talking about a booger sucker.
by Divadoll January 16, 2010

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The alternative term for Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth movie now that bogus science, damaging emails, and current weather patterns indicate that global warming is a scam. Also know as the way that Al Gore duped people and governments into throwing a ton of money into anti-global warming activities while making him stinking rich.
Person 1: What are your thoughts on global warming?

Person 2: It's an Inconvenient Lie.
by divadoll January 16, 2010

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A person, usually a woman, who is both snarky and skanky. A combination of the terms snark and skank.
Person 1: How was your date?

Person 2: I had a good time but I'm not sure about her.

Person 1: What was she like?

Person 2: She was intelligent and a smart ass so she was pretty much a snark in that regard and I liked that. But she was also kind of slutty and pretty much a skank in that regard. I can't decide. Overall she was a snank.
by divadoll January 16, 2010

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The female version of a Nittany Lion. Often a Penn State (PSU) graduate. May also be, simply, a woman from Pennsylvania who has no affiliation to the school or a woman who is not a graduate but is a fan of PSU.
I saw a Nittany Lioness buying a PSU sweatshirt for hir PITT boyfriend. Is she nuts?

That Nittany Lioness is such a bitch . . . I don't know what her husband sees in her. We were having a "Go Michigan" party, and she sat there rooting for Penn State.
by Divadoll January 21, 2009

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