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The band which I tell Nu-Metal haters to listen to, because they rock so much.
Nu-Metal, in itself, is not that good, because people listen to the Nu-Metal bands that don't have any meaning whatsoever, such as Slipknot.

However, Disturbed, is one of the greatest Nu-Metal bands, indeed one of the greatest Metal bands in my opinion.

David Draimen (The Vocalist), has an extremely talented voice, it was as if he was born for Metal Vocalling, just listen to his opening in Down with the Sickness.

Also, Disturbed/Metal haters claim that songs have no meaning. They are wrong.

Here are just two examples:

Song: Forgiven
Album: Ten Thousand Fists.
Meaning: A soldier has just been killed in battle, but he has already forgivven his killer because he knows that he is next in line to be killed.

Song: Overburdened
Album: Ten Thousand Fists.
Meaning: A soldier, once again, has been banished to an overburdened Hell. However, he has no idea why he was there, as he was just following his leader, who's actions he thought to be just and correct.

In conclusion, I think Disturbed is the best Nu-Metal band out there, and, I think they could easily be up on the Podium with the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica.
Disturbed - Spreading the Sickness, making people Believe, and raising Ten Thousand Fists.
by DisturbedDisciple April 14, 2006
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